Primus The Arbiter

Primus, the first Giff
CategoryHigher Powers
AliasThe Arbiter
Alignmentlawful neutral
SymbolBlue and White Flame
DomainLaw, Trade, Travel
Enemiessupporters of the Primordial Mandate
Born3 Dreamer 8612 DE
Godhood17 Temporal 1599 LE

Primus is the only son of a primordial that defied his kind, using Creation to create entire worlds and all that goes in them. As a result of this defiance of the Primordial Mandate, the Prime Architect was hunted down and killed by the Nine-Tongued Worm. Out of the heart of the Prime Architect was born his son Primus. Born on what was then called Sphere 411, Primus grew to be much smaller and refined than his father. He was a mortal determined not to be the only of his kind.

In the Dawn Era, Atlas and Primus were very powerful guardians for those carrying out the works of Creation. Near the end of the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE), they had a falling out when Atlas mistakingly thought that Primus's flirtations with Arcana were more than just chivalrous conduct. Primus and Arcana are very similar in there views of the cosmos, believers in the importance of negative entropy and keeping the balance of things, and monitoring the Sea of Entropy and its brooding primordials. Primus interactions went further, with Arcana helping him stay alive far beyond his mortal lifespan. Today, groups like The Balance would censure a Higher Power that helped a mortal live beyond their normal years.

In the Demon Spawn War (8972 GE - 9493 GE), Primus used Sparks of Creation to create a mortal army modeled on himself. This new race, the Giff, were tasked with protecting Sphere 408 from the demons running amok across the Quara'tun System.

Primus's rise to godhood began in the Lith-Crillion Era. On the world Bal-Kriav, his agents spread the ideals of trade and the mingling of cultures under what Primus called Plan 111, the beginning of what would become the Gnemdos Trade Network. On 17 Temporal 1599 LE, with bases of worship on Bal-Kriav and Marragh, Primus became a Cult Power.

In the First Epoch, Primus mended the old friendship with Atlas, helping him get a religious footing on the world Marragh. In the following epoch, he helped strengthen his Atlas's worship on the world Bal-Kriav. In 1280, the highest church of Primus, the Arbiters Edifice on Marragh, created a sub-faction dedicated to spreading the religion of Primus's old friend. In return for help in kick-starting his worship, Atlas's priests on Bal-Kriav trained those of Primus in various martial skills then unknown to them.

The Lyan subclass name and its level titles derive from the ancient names for the ascending floors of the Arbiters Edifice, a massive tower of legend in which Primus once lived and ruled. Lyans call their god The Arbiter despite his true name, which is often held sacrosanct and reserved for the most solemn church rituals. Lyans believe that, after death, their souls travel to the Edifice Prime (on Regulus), a celestial reconstruction of the original mythical tower, and serve The Arbiter thereafter.

- Zaharganda, Aribiters Second, excerpt from the Codex of Martial Powers - "The Lyan"

Primus dwells on Regulus where he commands dozens of Modron legions.

Sources of Divine Power
Core WorshipProselytizers
BokgrumaGwaelergoth Circle
FragningGorm Krip
Giff League
Known Powers
Divine Toughness+2,000 hit points as Minor Power
Modulating Energy+15 modulating energy damage for all attacks
Primordial Heritagedoes not age, immune to disease, immune to entropic energy
Holy Sites
Prime Architect