AliasClouds of the Broken Continent

Šadullu was a continent ripped apart in the Creation War. The primordials infused the entire landmass with entropy, ripping it asunder, then one attempting to consume it all. The goal was to do this to the entire world around, returning Creation to Chaos.

On 1 Temporal 1501 DE, Šadullu was sheared and then broken apart, chunks with lakes, mountains, and blocks of land a naked eye could not see the other side, drifted upward to the gaping rift of the Nine-Tongued Worm. Destined for greatness, Silvanus, Danzar-Khâl, and I launched an attack on the beast forcing it to close the churning rift in its gut. Gone with its severed tongue, henceforth we called it "Nine-Tongued Worm Less One".

- Bal-Kriav, from the Monument of Šadullu

The ripping apart of Šadullu turned what was then called Sphere 411 into one of the great front-lines of the Creation War. Today, the broken continent floats among the clouds and in the skies above where it once sat. It covers an enormous area, with numerous floating islands and vast debris fields. Some areas are so huge as to have mountain ranges, lakes, deserts, except that they are floating, they are not much different than a grounded region.

Šadullu has an array of species, most on the wing. Skyships and other flyers making their way into this area are at risk of running into floating debris, rocks and islands. The stuff doesn't move, but the paths are not clear unless you become familiar with an area. There are also erratic wind currents, said to be infused with the spirits of those lost when the "Nine-Tongued Worm Less One" nearly consumed it all.

Šadullu is in Bal-Kriav's super region Ninilêth. Below the floating continent is the Dark Sea. The waters of this ocean are often cast with deep shadows from the floating masses above. A perpetual storm, Silvanus's Tears roils across this sea. Legend has it that it was created with Silvanus looked upon the destruction that befell Šadullu.

Šadullu is the abode of flying creatures like the Laupha, storm giants, cloud giants, dragons, griffons, and other flying creatures. Grounded animals and creatures also dwell on the broken continent in numbers that would not otherwise be expected.

Regions of Šadullu
SurfaceTier 1 Underdark