CategoryHigher Powers
PowerSphere Creationist
Systemfree roaming
Alignmentchaotic good
SymbolSpectrum of Colors
Born19 Hollow 1541 DE
Died12 Lunar 8337 DE

Balthioul was a Creationist of the Dawn Era. He got his powers of creation as a student of Bruh Kreniik. He was there in 1399 DE when Bruh Kreniik created the world Sphere 408. Six decades later on 12 Temporal 1460 DE, Bruh Kreniik oversaw Balthioul's formation of Sphere 415; a world better known today as Throndar. Balthioul seeded this world with his creations. The most well-known of these is the human sub-race Eenkai.

On 19 Lunar 2611 DE, Balthioul created the Gorantin race. They were designed to operate in Sirketh's great jungles, serving as scouts and harrying the advance of Cari'phis's forces. Later, as the Creation War moved north of Sirketh's jungles, the Gorantin were used as heavy infantry, with teams of them and their great shields acting as highly mobile siege mantlets.

The demons ran down rows of them, battered and poked, corralled into a kill pocket.

- Trekhan, from his Memories of a Covenant Colonel - "Perge'khas Assault"

In 8317 DE, Balthioul and his solar wife Hamaliel had their daughter Zhusalax.

In the Creation War, Balthioul died defending Throndar from the primordials. His powers along with his army were crippled when Sarseg severed the worlds link to the Web of Magic. Both he and his solar wife Hamaliel died fighting Bryakus. With Throndar dead to magic, they proved no match for this mighty primordial hydra. Bruh Kreniik was greatly disappointed in Balthioul's rash decision to put himself in harm's way. At the time, his powers of creation were far more valuable than the saving of one world from primordial domination.

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