Wood Elf

wood elves of Lúinwë
Typeelf sub-race
Creation4 Bliss 1119 DE
NativeKriav, Bal-Kriav

When he was but an archangel, Corellon created the wood elves. They were modeled after the Kriavfahliil, and thus himself, yet given traits that made them better suited for living in forests. His reason for doing this was to make it so that these two elven races would be less likely to compete for resources; the Kriavfahliil preferring more open areas for settlement rather than concealing areas like forests.

Wood elves were created on Kriav. They have spread to other worlds by way of Feywild Fuses, or are descendants of those that were left there after serving the angelic armies that battled the primordials in the Creation War and then the fiends of the Demon Spawn War.

On Bal-Kriav, the wood elves are widely dispersed. Their largest populations are in the High Wood Country, Miradelgûn and Elrohir Mithrandír.

Racial Traits
Racial as wood elf
Fey Step The bottom of a wood elf's foot is like soft leather. It is cushioned and tough like that of a panther, with fine ridges that give them a grip in areas where this can dig it; like trees and branches. Wood elves normally shun footwear. If they do take to it, the footwear is five times as costly, requiring something to compensate for the "gripping edges" of a true wood elf's foot.
Lifespan 350 years