Munkar Khage

Munkar Khage
RaceDulun (Celestial, Solar)
Alignmentlawful good
Born9 Artifice 1455 DE

Munkar Khage was an angel of the Creation War. In this war against the primordials, he was a captain under the then archangel Naraz-Nâru. By the end of the war he had died twice, and returned stronger each time. At the start of the Demon Spawn War, he was a planetar. In this war he fought in a number of theaters and under several generals. Before Naraz-Nâru left the realm of mortals and became a demigod, he gave absolute control to Munkar as head of a legion of battle-hardened dwarves. This crack fighting force was the Hammers of Khage.

In the Hoof Front, Munkar served under Asmodeus. Another goodly general of this theater of war was Bahamut. He worked closely with Asmodeus, coordinating attacks against the demons. They had separate commands, yet agreed to lend each other troops where one side may be lacking in some department. These two generals waged war against Orcus - with the victor deciding who would be master of the Aerie of Dragons. The close interaction with Asmodeus, made Bahamut realize that something dark was brewing in the soul of Asmodeus. This was not the only thing that made Bahamut grow to dislike Asmodeus, for he also disliked Asmodeus's harsh methods, like no quarter to demons, and up to genocide of the demons. One legend says that Naraz-Nâru sent an avatar to Bahamut asking that he work on a way of getting Munkar out of Asmodeus's direct command.

Initially, Asmodeus denied the requests of Bahamut to have Munkar transferred to his command. Bahamut then worked on brokering a deal with Asmodeus where he would assign three wings of Nonvul Viing to various theaters as needed. Asmodeus accepted this deal, and even knew who was pushing for Munkar's transfer. This was because with Lukoon as his top spy master, he had an inside with the newly minted god like Naraz-Nâru. The identity of this "inside" spy suppling information to Lukoon and then to Asmodeus is still a mystery. The transfer of Munkar from Asmodeus's direct command to Bahamut probably saved him from becoming one of the Fallen Angels.

After the Demon Spawn War, Munkar was summoned by Naraz-Nâru and made a solar. He has faithfully served him ever since.

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