TitleKeeper of the Dead
Alignmentneutral good
BirthplaceCrillion Comet
Born6 Brightstar 661 DE
Died19 Temporal 4509 DE

In the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE), Anubis became an Archangel, serving as the Covenant's Keeper of the Dead. By way of powerful rituals, the origins of the shamanic arts, he shepherded the souls of the afterlife; making sure soul energy was not re-purposed along its journey to one of the Soul Gathering Systems.

On 19 Temporal 4509 DE, in the northern reaches of what is today called the Sands of Hell, Anubis was killed by a ancient primordial named Asoun. Long after the loss of this great Covenant hero, his bones were recovered from the sands, enshrined in the Pyramid of Anubis.

... the disruptive power of his foe was beyond our skills. It was like the Sea of Entropy, breaking things down into its component parts, his mind unraveled into just psychic energy, memories forever lost.

Against the CIB's advice, they ruled in favor of Kebechet, daughter to a fallen father - the bones of Anubis are to be interned in a place where he fell.

- from the Kebechet Case - "Pleading of Kebechet"

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