Izen'nâth Basskaff

RegionCinazan, Faeglor
Depth500' - 10,500'
Created14 Prey 1455 DE

Izen'nâth is a cross shaped rift in sector Melvad. Before the arrival of the Khazarkar Empire in the Second Epoch, this area was called Basskaff. This is a Giant word given to it by those that would fall under the northern Titan Empires of the Titan Era.

Izen'nâth is a massive area, stretching nearly 150 miles north to south, and 200 miles wide. It is an unnatural geological formation created from the birth of a primordial lord. The birth of Geb caused a great mass of the land to break free and rise up into the sky. What was left behind, is the rift Izen'nâth. The land below is alway under the shadow of the massive landmass floating above it, the earthmote Gindinâth. If the sky-island lowered into Izen'nâth it would seal it like the lid of a coffin.

Izen'nâth varies in depth from five hundred feet to two miles, which makes both Gindinâth and the canyon unimaginably huge. There are canyons and rifts, rivers and numerous streams in depths of Izen'nâth. The place also holds the start of the holdings of some city-states and territories of creatures of Faeglor.

Izen'nâth is a shadowy and dark place with countless caves and passages leading from the rift into the Underdark. The gloomy depths of the canyon give way to many plants, fungi and mushrooms. These form oasis's of life around the streams and rivers cutting through the bottom of Izen'nâth. The rift does not get rain, except that which comes in from the edges. Plenty of water descends into the canyon. Some of these form towering waterfalls. The most lighted area of the rift depends on the time of day, but in the north the area is covered in the fiery glow of volcanic activity. In this area, the place is lit up by an active volcano, jets of volatile and exploding gas, fissures of toxic gas and steaming pools of water and numerous acidic streams draining to the south. In this northern area of Izen'nâth are eldritch giants. Some of these giants have families that claim to be the oldest peoples of Bal-Kriav - descendants of the Thraedli.

Travelling south into Izen'nâth, the first marvel of magic and nature is the Kernsking Koils. This area is awe-inspiring, with massive vines and millions of supporting vines rising between thousands upon thousands of earthmotes. The Thraedli say that when the earth ripped asunder, giving birth to Geb, the land split apart with earthquakes rippling outward for hundreds of miles. Gindinâth and Izen'nâth were created from this event and the Kernsking Koils are the last connection between these two areas.

A deep and dark lake is in the southern part of Izen'nâth. This place is somewhat controlled by the kuo-toan city-state Unvarith. These kuo-toans were once part of a kuo-toan empire that stretched for hundreds of miles south into Faeglor.

The outside part of the rift's eastern wing is ruled by the fomorians. The Underdark area adjoining this area is controlled by two enemies. The north by the Nîndûnturgac and the south by the Zandûl-Khâl. These two empires are constantly battling and stirring up dissent in each others domains. The other major settlement at the bottom of the rift is the deep gnome town Mulun-Dûna.

The Khazarkar Empire build their settlements at least fifty miles from Izen'nâth. Anything closer and it makes the settlement vulnerable to any nightly forays by the dwellers of the rift or by the cloud and storm titans of Gindinâth.

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