Hawkthorn Division

Hawkthorn Division - Military Wing
Businessbanking, mercenary
Region Hells Womb, High Wood Country, Lands of Purity, Northern Hordelands
Symbolhead of a lance with attached horse tail
Established19 Saunas 1311 DE

Hawkthorn Division is a banking and mercenary company with banks spread across the southeastern expanse of Brucrumus.

They have their roots as as a band of centaur outlaws. The group formed 19 Saunas 1311 DE, a little more than a decade after centaur creation on an entirely different world than where they reside today. The early history of centaurs on Kriav was one of few friends outside their own kind. Unwelcomed by the Tungesti, the Kriavfahliil, and others, they were outcasts. Some regarded them as abominations, bestial, cursed, or something spawned of divine displeasure. The Centaur came to be what others thought of them, ruffians praying on the weak, robbing, stealing, ransoming, with only necessary killing. After a time, the effectiveness of the group was such that they were employed as mercenaries for merchant caravans and later as mercenary units for non-evil masters.

By the God Era, the Hawkthorn Division had expanded to include other races. The only requirement, no matter their role or age, is that they be expert riders. Today, the military wing of the Hawkthorn Division is perhaps the fastest and toughest cavalry unit of Bal-Kriav.

The company has a long history of keeping their finances in order. Early records of the group speak of learning mathematics and business from all the merchants they protected and dealt with. After a time, they gained the merchants trust with some putting their hoards under centaur protection - creating a sort of mobile bank. In the First Epoch they established a banking unit and built their first stationary bank at Celebriän, and fifty years later, they opened another in Idril. These two banks and others that have followed, are called the Stable Banks -and look the part. The company's wealth from banking and mercenary activities is such that their weapons and armor are all magical and of good enchantments. The only common item that each members wears are horseshoes of speed.

Hawkthorn Division has operations in regions of law where a bank won't succumb to looting by the local government. The mercenary part of the company is available for hire by non-evil groups, with costs 20% higher for chaotic employers.