Typecorrupted treant
RankPrimordial Lord
Died11 War March 4500 DE

In the Creation War, the treant Buldapulax was an agent of Silvanus's spy network Roots of Núlananya. He served Silvanus for 147 years.

On his last mission, he was caught spying out Eysveig's army which was preparing to attack Tiwa'erra. This happened on Šadullu in the last great battle of that continent before it was ripped asunder by the Nine Tongued Worm. Luckily for Buldapulax, he was too important to remain in the area of fighting, so a day earlier he was shipped off to a secret location. In Eysveig's Infirmary, a nightmarish place where the friendly and enemy wounded were experimented on, Eysveig's mindbenders and regular torturers tried to pry the secrets of the Roots of Núlananya from Buldapulax's mind. This proved unsuccessful with the primordial's interrogation techniques unable to break the link between Buldapulax and the spy network. As long as this link of nature energy was in place, it would be impossible for the captive to divulge anything about the spy ring. A more dangerous course of action was adopted. Buldapulax was taken into the deeps of Bal-Kriav and bathed in the entropic energies of the Decomposition String. As an agent of the Roots of Núlananya, he already had a bit of warp matter in him, so this bathing in the Decomposition String was like an overdose. Buldapulax was sickened bodily and had his mind corrupted making him even more chaotic and now evil. With his body sickened and constitution reduced, he suffered the effects of warp touch. This turned his body more humanoid-like, yet still having the hallmarks of having once been a treant. He was to learn later that by devouring the essence of feys he could recover his constitution and grow much stronger; without them he would continue to wither and degenerate.

Buldapulax proved to be a powerful minion of the primordials, rising to the rank Primordial Lord after only two centuries. As a Primordial Lord, he was charged with causing havoc in Sphere 411's regions Grashakh and Miradelgûn. This theater of the Creation War was so large that he had little hope of holding the entire area. He suspected that this was the intent with those even mightier than he, other Primordial Lords jealous of his quick rise to power. One of the most lasting things he did in Miradelgûn was the creation of the Sea Breach.

Buldapulax died in the Creation War battling Golruwyrm. His was tore apart in melee combat with this dragon yet his psyche remained. He waited patiently for his minions to get to him and dose him with bottled fey essence. This desire went unfilled, because when Golruwyrm perished from overwhelming numbers she breathed her last breath. This breath was a cataclysmic storm of sand that reduced Buldapulax and a multitude of others to near nothingness. These tiny particles, no larger than sand, were then carried on the winds and spread across a landscape that was to become known as the Sands of Hell.

History of the Creation War is found in the Plaques of Aphalur. They would have you believe that Buldapulax was extinguished, but as Silvanus once said, nature finds a way. It is my theory that the high concentration of mischievous and evil fey on the fringes of the Sands of Hell are fey corrupted long ago from parts of Buldapulax. Today, the winds of the Sands of Hell blow eternal. We must warn the untainted fey of Durgat, Maar Gosvah, and Maar'tolaak of this potential danger carried on the Winds of Golruwyrm.

- Spring Flower, regional report at a Glade Summit - "Nature Finds A Way"

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