Entropic Pond

LocationChaos, others
Builtnatural phenomenon

Entropic Ponds are areas of concentrated energy. A mix of many energy types, in the right hands these ponds can be used to create lifeforms or transform one into a more entropic version of its former self. In the Dawn Era, the Primordial Lords used them to build their great armies.

Before the Wells of Afterlife, soul energy was sucked back to Chaos and broken up. The Wells of Afterlife stole the soul energy destined for Chaos. Foes of Creation, the primordials would themselves become that which they hated, using entropic ponds in the making of their elemental legions.

- Athena, from a Plaque of Aphalur - "Soul Fork"

On 14 Temporal 1987 DE, the Nine-Tongued Worm created the Illithid race by accident at an Entropic Pond.

On 19 Witchrite 8989 GE, on the world of Bal-Kriav, the Kuo-toa race were created at the First Toadoolp Twist. Today a rift, back then it was an entropic pond under the control of Blibdoolpoolp. She used it to make a race beholden to her, helping her on the path of Ascension.

Entropic Ponds come in many forms, a pool of water, a large area of mud, the eternal blood and gore of a battlefield, or an invisible area collecting and storing the energies around it. It is thought that it takes thousands of years for their to reach a point that they become a working pond. In systems beyond the Sea of Entropy they become places where souls are reforged into something matching the dominant energies of the world around it. For those scattered across the worlds of the Abyss, this means they are used for making more demons. Those of the Sea of Entropy, are the source of new entropic aberrations and monstrosities, along with the Primordials.

Unlike the Wells of Afterlife, of similar purpose, Entropic Ponds eventually burn out. Newer ones come about over time. Over decades and centuries, energy of many types coalesces together, becoming a liquid entropy that gives the controller a

Notable Entropic Ponds
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