Entropic Pond

Builtnatural phenomenon

Chaos is a vast system, larger than all the other systems combined. It is filled with all the energy types, but they are spread out in varying degrees of concentrations. To create something complex, like a life form, a concentration of varying energy types is needed. These concentrations of energy are coalesced together in what is called an Entropic Pond. In the Dawn Era, they were heavily used to create soldiers for various primordial lords. There are an unknown number of such pools of liquid entropy, with some guarded, some expended of all useful energy, and probably even more to be discovered.

"Before the Wells of Afterlife, soul energy was sucked back to Chaos and broken up. The Wells of Afterlife stole the soul energy destined for Chaos. Initially against the Creationists, the primordials changed the view when they could do something similar with Entropic Ponds - create minions to serve."

- Athena, from a Plaque of Aphalur - "Soul Fork"

The Nine-Tongued Worm created the illithid race by accident at an Entropic Pond.

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