CategoryMarvels, Sailing Ships
BuiltDawn Era

Halatrax is a massive primordial death ship that sails the oceans of the Quara'tun system. Built in the Dawn Era, by the primordial Maen Grirngrim, this vessel served as his mobile laboratory, always on the move to evade those who sought to steal or destroy his research.

It cruises the seas very slowly, enough so that even a rowboat could overtake it. Boarding it is a difficult task, requiring explorers to scale 400' of wet slimy hull. In 375 LE, eldritch giants made it to the top desk using crampons and other mountain climbing gear. They suffered badly while seeking plunder, yet made off with ancient scrolls written by Maen Grirngrim. These Scrolls of Maen led to the development of a school of necromancy called Maen Saetild and to the birth of the order Khaa'khas - an order for those taking Maen Grirngrim's teachings to the extreme.