Arcanas Rip

Arcanas Rip - Greroch

Created4 Brightstar 1946 DE

Arcanas Rip, named for the person responsible for creating this gash, is a deep subterranean gap. In the area of Greroch, east of the Erochel Fungal, it drops for five miles, passing through several subterranean tiers. Southwest of Gholompotl the gash is roughly four miles wide.

Arcanas Rip has been an obstacle to east and west movement since the time it was consumed. This happened on 4 Brightstar 1946 DE, during the last phase of enchanting a very powerful magical rod. A part of the world around it was consuming in the making of what Arcana called the Rod of Arcane Absolution.

Late in the Horgon Era, paths, ropes and elevators were in service near Gholompotl. Today, trade flows up and down Arcanas Rip on a regular basis. For those with deep pockets, there are aeries for those desiring a quicker mode of travel. The paths cut into cliffs of this area lead to many villages and towns, all way-points to the bigger cities down below.

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