Vu Kes Dawn Edge, Sphere 380

Vu Kes being disassembled by the Nine-Tongued Worm
AliasDawn Edge, Sphere 380
Formed3 Brightstar 1322 DE
Destroyed19 Witchrite 4566 DE

Vu Kes was a world of the Asteraoth system. In the Dawn Era, it was forged from the primal energies of Chaos by the master creationist Bruh Kreniik. It was the 380th planet created by the Creationists, hence its original name, Sphere 380. A year later, its creator named it Vu Kes, Draconic for Dawn Edge.

In the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE), the primordials captured Vu Kes from its guardian - the legendary green dragon Caesinsjach. After slaying this Covenant creationist, they sent in a monstrosity of a primordial, the Nine-Tongued Worm, who utterly consumed the entire world. Vu Kes was torn apart, sucked through the rift that serves as the primordial's gut, sent back as flotsam on the Sea of Entropy.

One group that made it off this world was Kurtulmak and his Kobold followers. Even today, they claim that it was Kurtulmak's great magic that saved them from the destruction of Vu Kes. It is a legend partially true, for it was Bruh Kreniik that created an escape vector, an intra-system rift to the lands of a world then known only as Sphere 411.

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