Githo Orb 399

AliasOrb 399
Formed2 Saunas 1400 DE

In the Dawn Era, a Creationist named Bingatho created this moon. As a Tier 1 Creationist, he worked with the same purpose as Bruh Kreniik and others on the side of Law. They drew entropic energy from Chaos, using it to create worlds and everything that goes in them. While Bingatho was creating Marragh's moon Orb 399, he was struck by psychic energy from within one of his conduits of creation. The psionic blast was so powerful that it made Bingatho lose his wits. Instead of making Githo diverse, he turned the entire moon into iron.

As a moon of iron there is not much life here. With the advent of voidships, the Giff League have set-up mining here and even brought in dirt and plants to

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