Scrolls of Dawn

Scroll of Dawn

The original Scrolls of Dawn were the work of an adventurous talaxan named Nindonor. This wizard scholar made dangerous treks to Aphalur and then secretly copied the ancient writings on the Plaques of Aphalur. These plaques provided an insight into when the gods of today were but angels serving other gods, of a great conflict called the Creation War, and the dire threat posed by the primordials and their armies. They also cover events of the God Era and a great conflict with the demons called the Demon Spawn War. Most of the Plaques of Aphalur are signed by their author, with names like Athena, Ares, Naraz-Nâru, and others, some destined to become Higher Powers.

Nindonor's scrolls came to be known as the Scrolls of Dawn. Nindonor made secretive forays into the looming towers and angelic defenses created so long ago and penned these scrolls which have proven to be some of the most important historical works of the realm. In some areas, he encountered lost minions of the primordials. He gleaned knowledge from some of these ancient soldiers and was lucky to escape their wrath. His findings in these areas are also in the Scrolls of Dawn. Most of Nindonor's scroll have been found and copied. They can be found in many of the civilized realm's major libraries (c.f. Nuciregmas).