The Hells Ellubôz

Devil Assault
AliasesEllubôz, Nine Hells, Forge Worlds
FocusSoul Gatherer - lawful evil souls

Ellubôz is a Supernal word that means "heel". Each of the nine core worlds of this system were created in the Dawn Era by Bruh Kreniik. These nine core worlds would become forge worlds in the coming war, training armies, schooling leaders, and building armaments. They served as such in the Creation War against the primordials and then in the Demon Spawn War (8972 GE - 9493 GE) against the demons.

For military reasons, five of Ellubôz's worlds are linked by the river Styx. This river enters and exists each via permanent rifts. The first world entered is Avernus and the last is Stygia. Bruh Kreniik created this river in response to the growing threat coming out of Piranoths Steps. His spies were giving reports of Piranoth's acts of creation. They said he was getting carried away with Creation, building too many worlds, too fast. Bruh Kreniik knew this did not bode well since it was not being done with the tenets of Law - planning, order and discipline. He was correct in his thinking because in the Abyssal Release (7777 DE - 8777 DE), the primordials would lose the entire system.

In the Demon Spawn War, Ellubôz was an armaments making and training area for legions of angels serving under the Supreme Covenant Commander Asmodeus. The angels of this system trained armies, built fortresses, stocked arsenals and worked thousands of forges making weapons and armor. Another group on Ellubôz, their activities kept secret from other Covenant leaders, worked on harvesting souls. They built a secret army to be used in dealing with any incursions into Ellubôz by way of the river Styx. This army was not made up of angels but something more fitting for the morality of the souls being collected. They became the first devils. They were led by Geryon, who in turn reported to Asmodeus.

The Covenant formed a delegation, which set off immediately for Nessus. To their surprise, the once-featureless plain of Tyr-Mourn had been transformed into nine tiers of monstrous horror and torment. Within the edifice's confines, they found countless souls writhing in pain. They saw these souls transformed, first into crawling, mindless monsters, and eventually into an army of powerful devils.

"What goes on here?", Heironeous demanded.

"You have granted us the power to harvest souls", replied Asmodeus. "To build our Hell and gird our might for the task set before us, we naturally had to find ways to improve our yield."

The war deity drew forth his longsword of crackling lightning. “It is your job to punish transgressions, not to encourage them!", he cried.

Asmodeus smiled, and a venomous moth flew out from between his sharpened teeth. "Read the fine print", he replied. [1]

- Asmodeus, to Heironeous, referring to the "Soul Pact"

When Asmodeus and his lieutenants became Fallen Angels, they were exiled to Ellubôz. This system has come to be known as the Hells, propaganda spread through the ages to cover up its angelic beginnings and subsequent corruption. With nine primary worlds, it also goes by the name the Nine Hells. Whichever name you choose, they all point to a system that is home to devils and the archdevils. The system overlord is Asmodeus, and under him are his world overlords, the Dark Eight.

Nine Primary Worlds - the "Nine Hells"
PositionNameCreatedOverlordPast Rulers
1stAvernusTiamatBel, Kurtulmak
2ndDis Dispater
6thMalbolgeThe Hag CountessMoloch
9thNessus236 DEAsmodeus

The position number for a world is its order of importance. In the military hierarchy of the Hells, Nessus is the most important, and Avernus the least.

They turn to him, giving brisk salutes. Some still give him the emperor salute – one fist raised high. Others do the right thing, the military salute of the right hand to the head, fist closed. The captain doesn't care which one they give him, but they'd better give one. He believes in military protocol and hierarchy, the latter a product of spending so much time in the Hells, where regimentation and hierarchy are everything.

- from the Godspawn Saga


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