Nine Hells Forge Worlds

Devil Assault
AliasesForge Worlds, The Hells, Ellubôz
FocusSoul Gatherer (lawful evil souls)

The less used name of this system is Ellubôz, the Supernal word meaning "heel". With nine core worlds, it was to be an area of concentrated defenses, a place dedicated to building and training armies to meet the looming threat. Bruh Kreniik, an Arch-Creationist, along with others, knew that the work of the Creationists, making and stocking of worlds, was gaining the attention of Chaos's masters, the Primordial Lords.

In the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE), this system became better known as the Forge Worlds. With facilities scattered across nine worlds, each behind rings of fortresses and magical wards, they trained armies, schooled leaders, and built armaments for soldiers fighting across the known universe.

In the God Era, Forge Worlds was a strategic Covenant asset. It supplied and trained soldiers for the Demon Spawn War (8972 GE - 9493 GE), where the Covenant went up against seemingly endless demons spilling out of the Abyss.

In 9033 GE, a Well of Afterlife was taken to Dis. Those behind this operation, one sanctioned by Creationists and not by the Covenant, were Asmodeus and Dispater. They placed this artifact, a soul magnet, deep under a Covenant military hospital. In their favor, helping to keep it a secret, those that came to this hospital were loyalists, like many scattered across the Forge Worlds. They looked to Asmodeus and his advisors as the authority over local matters.

The soldiers, across the Covenant admire this man, a tactician of great renown, crafty, and of an intelligence that would make a mind flayer shudder. He is all about outfoxing the fox. By this trial, are we playing into his game. Maybe he wants to be indicted?

- Geb, journal notes of the Trial of Asmodeus - "Day 1"

For military reasons, five of the system's worlds are linked by the River Styx. This river enters and exists each world via permanent rifts. The first world entered is Avernus and the last is Stygia. Bruh Kreniik created this river in response to the growing threat coming out of what was then better known as Piranoths Steps. His spies were giving reports of Piranoth's acts of creation. They said he was getting carried away with Creation, building too many worlds, too fast. Bruh Kreniik knew this did not bode well since it was not being done with the tenets of Law - planning, order and discipline. He was correct in his thinking because in the Abyssal Release (7777 DE - 8777 DE), the primordials would lose the entire system.

The Abyssal Release gave way to the Demon Spawn War. What was then known as Ellubôz or the Forge Worlds, served as a bedrock of security built over the previous war. It again became an armaments making and training area for the Covenant's legions. The one in charge of this system's operation was Asmodeus. Under him were his lieutenants, die-hard loyalists. They trained the armies, built fortresses, stocked arsenals and oversaw the thousands of forges making weapons and armor. As the war went on, Asmodeus and others were in agreement that harsher methods were needed to beat the demon's numbers.

While the war went on in the Quara'tun System, their activities kept secret from other Covenant leaders, Asmodeus and Dispater worked on harvesting souls. Using the Well of Afterlife they put on Dis, they built a secret army. They were to be used in dealing with any incursions by way of the river Styx. The soldiers of this army, wayward souls drawn in by the Well, were those of diabolical intent (lawful evil). They had the mindset to fight the demons on equal terms, playing dirty and anything else to win. Secretly deployed along the Styx and making expeditions into the Abyss, they fought the dirty war that many in the Covenant were against. This secret army, built to handle the hostile land and brutal war, were the first devils.

When Asmodeus and his lieutenants became Fallen Angels, they were banished from the Mortal Systems. They went home, to the Forge Worlds, a system that under their reigns would become better known as The Hells, or the Nine Hells.

Nine Primary Worlds - the "Nine Hells"
NameOverlordPast Rulers
AvernusTiamatBel, Kurtulmak
Dis Dispater
MalbolgeThe Hag CountessMoloch


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