Typeprimordial monstrosity
RankPrimordial Lord
Alignmentchaotic evil
Born26 Saunas 1449 DE
Died3 Bliss 8988 GE

Baltalas, son of Kossuth, is a primordial. In the Creation War, he rose in might becoming a primordial lord. While his father and brother Surtur were off battling the Nawirrûs Covenant, Baltalas ruled from the fiery world Muspelheim; a place that the trio had taken by force early in the war.

Baltalas's most destructive contributions to the Creation War were his children, the Progeny of Baltalas. These monstrosities wrecked havoc wherever they went, and are still around today.

In the God Era, Surtur sought to take Muspelheim as his home. He was helped in a century long conflict to take the world by Ares and a few others with the goal of bringing it over to Law, rather than have it remain a primordial dominion. In the war to take this world, Surtur killed his brother Baltalas; earning him the enmity of his father Kossuth.

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