Denerra Prison Continent

AliasPrison Continent

Denerra is east of Elemantum and northeast of Brucrumus. It is bordered to the south by the Forbidden Sea. The terrain of this continent is rugged, maze-like, swampy, unnatural, and extremely difficult to travel. A ring of snow-capped peaks rings most of the continent. Denerra is difficult to reach from the south because it is on the other side of the Forbidden Sea; an ocean wracked by the Bal-Kriav's Cube of Arcane.

... both perilous areas that no sensible captain dares to stay long, for a strong wind or storm that takes you into the Cube will turn your vessel into kindling and totally annihilate anyone touching it, while the seas abound are dangerous because they are constantly churned from small shock-waves coming off the Cube. The Cube is also known to give off pulses of magic that emanate outward to anywhere from a mile to a hundred miles in diameter. These pulses can deaden the greatest of magic and bring about magical mutations to the living, undead, and even constructs.

- Suemokni, of Tazu Hidyal - "Sailing the Forbidden"

Denerra is sometimes referred to as the Prison Continent. During the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE), a Covenant leader by the name of Bal-Kriav oversaw the defense of what was then simply known as Sphere 411. He and his army of angels were charged with defending the world from the primordials and their armies. Often considered too noble and forgiving, some primordials and their minions were imprisoned instead of meeting the end of a blade (c.f. Order 9119). Angels like Ares offered to do the dirty work that Bal-Kriav could not, namely dispatching the captives so that they would not be a future threat. Bal-Kriav refused these suggestions, instead having them imprisoned in remote locations of the world. Denerra was shaped by the gods to serve as a prison for many of the primordial captives. Powerful primordial minions and even a few primordials are imprisoned here in vaults deep in lakes, sunken into swamps, buried deep in a mountain, or in the dark reaches beneath the land. Even though many thousands of years have passed since the Creation War, Denerra's prisons are intact, guarded, and monitored. This is not to say that they cannot be freed, for a concerted effort can break a prison and free whatever is within. In the Lith-Crillion Era, the Thraedli came to the Dulpathâra region of Denerra. They overcame the guardians of one prison and its traps and wards and freed the primordial Silfergath. With this primordial's release, the Thraedli were instantly frozen solid by the bitter cold emanating from Silfergath. This primordial did not get far, for once it entered the Nautrek Sea, it was encased in an impenetrable block of ice brought on by its own cold.

Regions of Denerra
SurfaceSubterranean Tier 1