Sarseg, a chaos infused weave spider
Typechaos infused weave spider
TitleFather of Webweaving
DiedDawn Era

Sarseg was a weave spider. After being captured by the primordials, he was tainted with the energies of the Sea of Entropy. This turned him into a bloated monstrosity, single-minded in purpose, seeking only to corrupt and destroy the Web of Magic.

Throndar is an arcane dead world, a victim of Sarseg's rage. It is a sad place, a useless magic dead world.

- Arcana, before becoming a god, from a Scroll of Dawn - "Arcane Dead World"

Sarseg was the chief cause for the many rifts that opened up in the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE). These rifts served as bridges for the primordial armies to march across, leaving Chaos for the mortal worlds of Nawirrûs. In this part of the universe, they sought to undo the workings of the Creationists, destroying or taking the worlds being claimed by the angels and their godly overlords. Sarseg maintained the holes in a Web of Magic by flooding chaotic energy into them. The one most spoken about on the Plaques of Aphalur is the Radullu Rift. This particular rift, opened in 1688 DE creating a bridge between the worlds Throndar and Bal-Kriav. After opening it, Sarseg and his archon army began attacks on the angelic army at Achamâz.

Once a native of the Web of Magic, Sarseg had an innate knowledge of its working, able to feel its ebb and flow. This led to a path of understanding, the art of manipulating the Web's arcane energy called Webweaving; practitioners called Web Weavers.

On 17 Hollow 8337 DE, Sarseg made Throndar a magic dead world. This was done by cutting off Throndar's Cube of Arcane from the Web, then draining this arcane battery.

One of Sarseg's greatest feats was the creation of hundreds of gateways inside the Womb of Entropy. These gateways allowed the primordials to move their armies rapidly across the multi-verse and besiege distant worlds.

In the Creation War, Sarseg was destroyed when a gateway was closed on both sides of him. This trapped him in Bal-Kriav's Web of Magic. In this realm of countless weave spiders, he was pursued by hundreds of them and slowly torn apart.