RaceEarth Titan (Primordial)
Alignmentchaotic evil
RankPrimordial Lord
Died3 Dreamer 8502 DE

Hettar is a primordial creation of Piranoth. For a time, Hettar had the powers of a Tier 3 Creationist. It was a boon given to him by his father; the most skilled, and powerful Creationist to ever exist. Piranoth created many worlds, very fast. He needed Hettar to help him populate these worlds. Two of the most well-known races that Hettar created are the Earth Giants and the Eldritch Giants.

Piranoth later stripped Hettar of his powers of Creation. This came when Piranoth had a glimpse of the future, one possible outcome of the current course of actions. He saw his son, and disaster spreading across a multitude of worlds, then outward to other systems.

Hettar stood over me, behind him thousands upon thousands of abominations with eyes burning with malice, the sky glowed from distant worlds on fire.

- Piranoth, to Drachmon - "The Demon Vision"

Interestingly enough, Piranoth's vision of the future was skewed, for it was he that would cause the rise of the demons, creatures twisted by the Threads of Damnation. The 'disaster spreading across a multitude worlds' came with the Abyssal Release (7777 DE - 8777 DE) and the Demon Spawn War.

With the start of the Creation War, Hettar left his father's side to join the action. He led one of many super army groups seeking to reclaim the Toys of Creation. Much of his action happened on the world Bal-Kriav. It is said the war's length, one that continued for thousands of years making it the norm to many, led to Hettar's changing views. He grew weary of the slowness of it all, his methods grew darker. Drachmon, a critic of Piranoth, said that the same thing that corrupted Piranoths Steps, infected his father, and was passed to his son. He committed atrocities for the joy of it, he lost his way, turned from the ideals of the Chaos Purists.

His success on the field of battle, even though he was becoming more dark, led to him being favored over the neutral ways of his brother Geb. Where Hettar would use any measure to defeat the enemy, Geb was more forgiving, thus more likely to act civilized to the defeated. Hettar's war activities were focused in the Great Expanse region. In sector Crotheise he had a permanent base in the Radveig valley. This area was a vast source of gold deposits. This gold was needed to cover the costs of Hettar's war operations on Bal-Kriav. The heavy mining of the area would leave the valley pockmarked with mining pits that came to be called Hettars Spittoons.

Hettar was defeated by the dragon Bahamut. In the battle between these two, Bahamut drank the blood of a previously defeated primordial which combined parts of a hydra with that of medusa. The blood of the defeated foe allowed Bahamut to temporarily change his breath to one of holy petrification. Bahamut's holy breath of petrification overcame the immunities of Hettar, causing him to go rigid and fall backwards into Rumak. Even though he was petrified he did not lose conscious or die. His primordial essence took thousands of years to completely drain away, with him finally expiring late in the Horgon Era.

In the Horgon Era, he was worshiped by the C√Ľngin-Zar. The people of this empire dedicated many shrines and temples around Rumak to a figure that once led their ancestors in the battles of the Creation War.

Notable Works