Great Vein of Surtur Surturs Artery

AliasSurturs Artery
Built19 Saunas 1502 DE

Many call the magma and streams of lava that flow deep beneath Bal-Kriav's surface names like the Great Vein of Surtur or Surturs Artery. This comes from writings in the Scrolls of Dawn which say that in the Creation War, the then primordial lord Surtur manipulated Bal-Kriav's molten core. This was done to help the primordial cause with Surtur and his minions guiding a great river of magma in the deepest regions of Bal-Kriav and then sending molten rivers to the surface, where they gave rise to volcanoes and magma wastelands.

One legend that had more truth in the Dawn Era than today is that the god Surtur, from his fiery citadel Svaer Hodgrolf, controls the lava which courses through Bal-Kriav's core. If there is truth in this today, it is in all likelihood his minions doing this work for if he directly interferes in mortal affairs he would suffer censure by The Balance.

The Great Vein of Surtur is in reality one great lava river that flows under Midrêth. It is the source for most of the lava that spills out of this super region's volcanoes. It was built by the god Surtur and thousands of fire giants, Fyrreid, and other fiery brutes. In the Dawn Era, he used this lava river to populate distant regions with fire giants, magmin, fire elementals, Fyrreid, and other fiery creatures. The spread of these peoples and their civilizations across Midrêth is largely a result of this great Underdark lava river and its arteries.

The lava of Surturs Artery feeds rivulets that push to the surface forming volcanic wastelands and volcanoes. One of the most well-known of the Great Vein's lava arteries is Annbild Hrolmir.

Rivulets of Surturs Artery
Lava RiverFeederContinent
Annbild HrolmirSygning SpigotBrucrumus
Heki HrolmirSifleif SpigotBrucrumus
Ofli HrolmirGeingil Spigot Karterus
Rorgny HrolmirVelkyn SpigotBrucrumus
Skera HrolmirGarathral Spigot Brucrumus