Nawirrûs Covenant

MembersCreationists, celestials, mortals
PeriodCreation War

The Nawirrûs Covenant was an alliance of beings that sought to keep works of Creation intact. These works were worlds and everything that goes in them, new species, new races, and all their advancements. This area of Creation became known as Nawirrûs; the area outside of Chaos.

The Covenant's desire to stabilize Chaos with permanency was contested by the Primordials. The Creation War saw these forces battle each other for over seven thousand years across many systems.

The beginnings of the alliance are murky with groups coming together in different places to face off against vastly superior forces. Once they came to together with groups joining other groups, they became more organized and could offer a much stiffer resistance and even holds worlds. In the end, the Covenant stopped the Primordials from undoing Creation, driving them back to Chaos, imprisoning some on worlds, or utterly destroying them.

The Nawirrûs Covenant had many directives that member's had to follow. These were put in place to limit power grabs. One directive was that nobody was to lay claim to a world as their personal fiefdom.

Many of the figures of the Nawirrûs Covenant would see conflict again in the next age, the God Era. They would battle the demons in the Demon Spawn War and some would go on to become Higher Powers.

Top Leaders of the Nawirrûs Covenant
NameRankSignificant Activity
Bal-KriavSupreme Covenant CommanderStraiden
Danzar-KhâlSupreme Commander of Land ForcesGorejun
SathelSupreme Commander of Water ForcesNielalroch, Edhelviel, Pearl Sea