Nawirrûs Covenant

MembersCreationists, celestials, mortals
Period1486 DE - 8777 DE

The Nawirrûs Covenant was an alliance of beings that sought to keep works of Creation intact. These works were new worlds and everything that goes in them, plants, forests, seas, subterranean realms, the species and races to inhabit them.

The beginnings of the alliance are murky, groups coming together on distant worlds, facing the Primordials and their desire to undo Creation. These conflicts, scattered across the Nawirrûs System, became known as the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE), a war between those that wanted to keep the works of Creation and those that wanted to undo it. As the war progressed, the longest in history, communication and joint efforts were eventually established across dozens of worlds, bringing rebel-like units under a unified fighting force called the Nawirrûs Covenant, the defenders of Creation.

The Creation War was a Covenant victory. It stopped the Primordials from undoing Creation. Most of the primordials and Primordial Lords were driven back to Chaos, others were imprisoned on worlds, and some utterly destroyed. How they handled the primordials changed as the war progressed, with some taking greatly different views and use of methods when dealing with their enemies.

The desire of some to obliterate the enemy, and those desiring incarceration and leniency gave rise to another permanency, where Creation seated Law, now one's psyche seats certain energies, firming their convictions in a particular alignment. In the earliest times, it was just two, Law and Chaos, now there is Good, Evil and those on the fence.

- Bruh-Kreniik, from the Archives of Creation - "Conflict & Creation"

The Nawirrûs Covenant had many directives that member's had to follow. These were put in place to limit power grabs. One directive was that nobody was to lay claim to a world as their personal fiefdom.

Many of the figures of the Nawirrûs Covenant would see conflict again in the next age, the God Era. They would battle the fiends in the Demon Spawn War (8972 GE - 9493 GE) as the Quara'tun Covenant.

Top Leaders of the Nawirrûs Covenant
NameRankPeriodSignificant Activity
Bruh Kreniiknone1486 DE - 8777 DE idealist behind the war
Bal-KriavSupreme Covenant Commander1486 DE - 5002 DE Straiden
Danzar-KhâlSupreme Commander of Land Forces Gorejun
SathelSupreme Commander of Water Forces Nielalroch, Edhelviel, Pearl Sea