Endearing Shackles

Formed19 Artifice 3101 DE

Built by Danzar-Khâl, this world is located in the Tartarus System. Named Endearing Shackles, it was specifically forged as a prison world for Primordials and their minions. Built in the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE), it has great confining areas, valleys hemmed in by mountains or bottomless bogs, islands surrounded by hungry foes, rugged terrain and limited resources. There is great variation in these "cells", some a prison area by terrain and lack of resources, others for the crafty, like perpetually changing subterrrean mazes. Ideas of escape were often thwarted by lack of resources on the outside, either great bands of emptiness or verdant lands teaming with wild beasts and feral escapees.

In the Demon Spawn War (8972 GE - 9493 GE), the Covenant ran a prison for demons and their allies. Faced by overwhelming numbers, and most of the Covenant's leaders against ideas of no quarter, turned to using magical devices to handle the population. At the Cells of Ten-Thousand Shackles, the psyche of prisoners were sent to Endearing Shackles. They competed for hosts, the recently dead. At the end of the Demon Spawn War, the Covenant sentences expired. Demon prisoners in the tens of thousands decided to remain on Endearing Shackles, most preferring their new positions of power, or freedom over becoming a lackey to some Demon Lord.

When Thasmudyan became a god, his nature was such that Endearing Shackles became his home world. Like what Rioch Tetrax had done, Thasmudyan raided ancient prisons, giving bones and the dead a new purpose. With the craft of Maen Saetild, they created legions of undead, their minions, their subjects.

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