CategoryArtifacts, Tridents
Typeartifact, trident

Buldadel was an artifact forged by Poseidon somewhere in the chaos field Grazadax; a debris field of Chaos dotted with forges in the thousands. He made this weapon to capture his wife Amphitrite:

My love has lost her wits, even dragging along noble Triton, to the side of the enemy. The other primordial lords are tiring of her resistance, and directed me to take care of the two or they will do it themselves.

- Poseidon, excerpt from his journal - "Changing Tides"

Poseidon figured that once Amphitrite was cured of her "insanity", Triton would come back to the side of his father and mother. The trident Buldadel was created as a Cairn Scythe with its soul gathering point Chaos. Poseidon reasoned that the weapon's killing blow to his wife would kill her physical form, yet preserve and capture her soul energy. This would keep it from being drawn back to Chaos where it would be dissolved into entropic energy. Sadly, the weapon was used with malign intent by one of Poseidon's merfolk champions. The result was that the weapon broke causing the destruction of Amphitrite's soul.

When Buldadel shattered, it created dozens of coral shards that became known as the Tears of Poseidon. These shards are in a vault at the heart of the city Amphitrite. These Tears of Poseidon are the cause of strong unnatural storms that frequent Veysed Vaal bay to the isles of Stahdim Goz. In the Demon Spawn War, Amphitrite was for a short-time occupied by aquatic demons. Even though they were hidden with powerful magic, the demons managed to make off with a handful of the shards. One of these Tears of Poseidon was corrupted with abyssal energy and then used in the creation of the demon artifact Buldumech.

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