Creation Energy
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Creationists are beings with the power to create things as insignificant as a speck of sand or something grand, like a world. They have always been small in numbers.

The work of an acolyte creationist just breaks apart, its energies drawn back to mother Chaos. When they learn how to meld Negative Entropy with their creations, only then do they understand what it is to be a Creationist.

- Balthioul, from a Plaque of Aphalur - "Opposites Attract"

There was always another factor in them being small in numbers. They feared what would happen if it got out of hand, with many different beings creating whatever they wanted - especially those that were self-serving or dark natured. As a result, the creation of worlds and the lifeforms on them was done in a somewhat orderly fashion. This order was Negative Entropy at work. It was in opposition to those of Chaos. It drew the wrath of the primordials, leading to a seven thousand year war between the forces of Chaos and those of Law.

When the Creationists used the energy and matter of Chaos to build their worlds and gird them with life, they were doing it for survival. They'd created a form of negative entropy. They wanted their kind to live on, and not be drawn back to Chaos to be broken down into separate energies, no longer entwined with others. The worlds they built became their bastions, and the life they put on them, their soldiers. They prepared for the day when the primordials would come to take it all back to Chaos."

- from the Godspawn Saga

In the Creation War, dozens of primordials were conceived from the energies of Chaos and given the creation trait. Most of these had the ability to create things as a Tier 3 Creationist. This meant that they could create lifeforms but nothing on the scale of worlds. Piranoth was not cut from the same mold as these other primordials, for he is most well-known of the creationist primordials for the worlds he created in a system named after him, Piranoths Steps.

To the primordials of pure chaos like the Nine-Tongued Worm, those primordials that took it upon themselves to create worlds were rogue and something that would have to be dealt with after getting rid of the gods.

- unknown, from Hirstyr Signir - "Divided We Crumble"

Higher Powers that are Creationists cannot take on mortal followers. As part of the Rule of Divine Governance, it says one cannot be both a Creationist and one that gains influence and power by those following them. Most eventually gave up the power of creation to become shepherds of the Mortal Systems, and to rally the forces of distant worlds against threats.

The two most important resources used by Creationists are warp matter and life energy. The first is used to make inanimate things, the other to make lifeforms.

In one of the Musings of Mêzelurûs, it hints at the slowing of Creation.

It was easy in the beginning, you could shape a world in under a year, fill it with dull sentients in five. Now in this new era, the Age of Gods, it takes five times longer.

- Mêzelurûs, one of the Musings of Mêzelurûs - "Negative Entropy's Side Effect"

Creationist Tiers
TierNameCreation PowerPast & Present Creationists
Tier 1Arch-Creationist
Creation Omniscience
Bruh Kreniik
Prime Architect
Tier 2Sphere Creationistworlds
Third Instructor
Tier 3Sentient Creationistintelligent lifeforms
Tier 4Beast Creationistplants and animals
Spring of Life Energy
Tier 5Root Creationist
non-living matter