Sea Breach

Built19 Brightstar 2200 DE

The Sea Breach is a sheer cliff at the heart of sector Celedhrel. The fact that there is a cliff is here is not unusual, but 1500' down from the top of these sheer cliffs is rapid flowing sea water. This area is an extra-dimensional body of sea water called the Sea Tunnel. The only way to get down to this fast flowing sea channel is by flying or jumping; the latter an act of foolishness since the height of the fall will kill most creatures. Those at the bottom have an even harder time getting out because the water down there flows at 20 knots making anchoring very difficult and then you need to find a way up. These cliffs are not naturally formed, so they are sheer and smooth affording no footholds. Normally, the only thing coming up and out of the Sea Breach are those on the wing.

The Sea Breach was created in the Creation War when the primordial lord Buldapulax had ten primordial sand worms sacrificed here. The death of these creatures with their rift guts to Chaos, coupled with bursts of entropic energy resulted in a temporary rift, that ripped open the surface, ceating a canyon leading down to the Sea Tunnel's inter-dimensional location.

Buldapulax's objective was to damn up the Sea Tunnel, filling it with earth and rock, preventing its use by the aquatic armies serving under Sathel. Fortunately for Covenant forces, this did not happen with the falling debris forming no more than a few islands of broken rock. Since that time, these islands have become havens for various flying creatures, seals, and sea lions.

One can see stand on the edge of the Sea Breach for days and see nothing but flowing water and be sometimes harassed by harpies and wyverns, but if you are lucky you may be amazed, and perhaps befuddled, when you see a ship sailing north by west along the Sea Tunnel.

- Phoslomor, excerpt from the book "Phoslomor's Survey of MidrĂȘth, Ch. 3-2"

Warm humid air travels along the Sea Tunnel from its main entry point, a thousand miles away, at the whirlpool Lokzii Ven. The climate of this place of sector Enkii Jusk is reflected on the surface around the Sea Breach. This is in the form of a verdant jungle for many miles in all directions outward from the cliffs. In the Lith-Crillion Era, researchers out of the Pyramid of Life transplanted jungle creatures to this area. After the Lith-Crillion were long gone from Bal-Kriav, and into the Horgon Era, the jungle became home to the green dragon Dil'lufeykro. This very old dragon sought to turn the entire area into a jungle maze with the maze's core serving as her lair. Traces of this jungle maze are still visible today if one flies high over the area.

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