Sea Breach

Sea Breach - Celedhrel
Built19 Brightstar 2200 DE

The Sea Breach is a great cavity plunging 1500' into a channel of fast-moving sea water. This channel, the Sea Tunnel, is a product of the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE), created when a primordial lord named Buldapulax killed ten primordial sand worms. The simultaneous demise of these beasts, with their rift guts to Chaos, opened a temporary rift, sucking in the land around. Buldapulax's plan of blocking the Sea Tunnel, a vital Covenant supply line, was a failure. Instead of a planned cave-in, the landscape around was consumed by the rift, leaving in its place the Sea Breach.

In 446 LE, the Heart of Eden was tested in this area. Those behind this were the Lith-Crillion researchers home to the Pyramid of Life. They were hoping to tap into the area's residual energy, stuff leftover from the dead worms and the long-gone rift. Like what happened around the Pyramid of Life, using a crude energy source, the area was changed, just not in the way expected. The temperate woodlands around the Sea Breach, for forty miles in all directions, became a thriving tropical jungle, out of place with the surrounding environment. The Nature Protectorates call it a blessing of The Balance, while those of the Belêth-Kazîr say the land was swapped with that of another world.

For several centuries of the Horgon Era, the tropical jungle around the Sea Breach was the lair of an ancient green dragon named Dil'lufeykro. Today, areas of very dense vegetation are usually overgrown mazes and living areas that once housed Dil'lufeykro and a hundred of her minions.

Notable Areas