Talos Cleft

Ice Mephit
Created12 Kindle 8776 DE

Talos Cleft is a fog shrouded plateau at the heart of Angvild. In the Creation War, the island Angvild was dragged into this world by team of primordials. They pulled it from a Sea of Entropy, the bowels of Chaos, across a matrix of arcane, the Web of Magic, where it came to rest in the towering waves of Morwuld Briin. The island was good for getting a massive army to the front-line world of Bal-Kriav, but failed in its secondary purpose. Stuck in the ocean floor, Angvild was now more like an island than a mobile base carving its way across the sea. Warvild, the primordial mastermind behind getting Angvild to Bal-Kriav, did not give up. He set Talos and others to working on shearing the island's central highlands. Most of the hard labor was done by hundreds of storm archons, air elementals, storm giants, cloud giants, and thousands of ice mephits. The latter were forced to expend all their energy freezing rock and then having it blasted apart by bolts of lighting. The primordial Geb also helped in the task by supplying a powerful rock boring device called the Earthspear. When the valley and mountains were separated from their base, they left a rugged plateau overshadowed by a massive island. This floating island, buoyed by the entropic energies of Chaos, was named Krarkauk. Nearing the end of the Creation War, Talos was captured and banished from the Mortal Systems. Before he was caught, he set Krarkauk adrift on the clouds. The plateau left in its wake became known as the Talos Cleft.

Talos Cleft is almost always shrouded in cold fog. The fog and the chill in the air are the residual energies of all the ice mephits that perished separating Krarkauk from Angvild. Thousands of these creatures were forced to kill themselves by expending all their cold energy against the rock. This "sacrifice" was oversaw by storm archon taskmasters which promised either eternal suffering in Piranoths Steps or a release back to Chaos where they would be reborn into something greater for their sacrifice. After the Creation War, most of the primordials and their minions were captured or driven away from the mortal realm, yet some remained. The ice mephits that once lived under the whip of Talos's taskmaster were considered no threat to the world, so the gods and angels left them on Angvild. These ice mephits tend to stay in the highlands of the island and preferably in and around the chilling temperatures of the plateau. Some of the mephits have been convinced to live in Mechantus where their cold radiance is put to use in refrigeration.

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