Nine-Tongued Worm

The World Destroyer
Typeaberrant monstrosity
AliasesWorld Destroyer, Worm
RankPrimordial Lord
Alignmentchaotic neutral
Died3 Bliss 9111 GE

The Nine-Tongued Worm, the Worm, or the World Destroyer, was an aberrant monstrosity from Chaos. It was perhaps the most deadly of all the primordial lords. As a being of Chaos, the Worm was against the powers of creation that led to the building of worlds. As such, he viewed Piranoth and others as rogue primordials that would be dealt with after they were victorious in the Creation War. He seems to have not been so hard-set on this rule when it came to creating soldiers for the fight with the Nawirrûs Covenant. He, like other primordial lords, used Entropic Ponds to create minions. In one of these pools of liquid entropy, he created the illithid race by accident.

On 1 Temporal 1501 DE, living up to its other name, the World Destroyer, began its attack on Sphere 411. This was the Battle of Šadullu, where an entire continent would be destroyed, with Šadullu lifted aloft in chunks towards the World Destroyer's gaping maw; a one-way rift back to the Sea of Entropy. The World Destroyer shattered the continent, but not the world. The Covenant generals Danzar-Khâl, Bal-Kriav and Silvanus drove the primordial monstrosity off. In their epic fight between the gods and one of the top primordials, the Nine-Tongued Worm had one of its tongues severed. This tongue fell through the clouds, smashing through the heart of the broken continent and falling into the ocean below (c.f. Drachmon). The loss of its tongue caused the Nine-Tongued Worm to retreat, forcing the closure of the rift in its belly and its withdrawal back into Chaos. After this battle, Sphere 411 became one of the front-line worlds of the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE).

On 3 Dreamer 8612 DE, the Nine Tongued Worm killed the Prime Architect. This was done because of the Prime Architect refused to align himself with with the ideals of the Primordial Mandate - returning the works of Creation to Chaos. With his death, a son was born. This son, Primus, grew from the Prime Architect's heart, the Primus Hexaconta.

Becuse of his endless scheming and great threat, Phalgas, Athena and Danzar-Khâl set to tracking him down. In the Demon Spawn War, they caught up with him and slowly wore him down from a distance. The pursuers used a powerful poison to slow his movement which allowed them to safely get in close and not get swallowed or constricted. Legend has it that Phalgas delivered the killing blow to the Nine-Tongued Worm, because not long after he added the time domain to his portfolio (c.f. Divine Power). In his fight with the three petty gods, all then of demigod status, the Nine-Tongued Worm sensed that his doom was near. He cast a spell upon himself, so that when he died the rift in his gut would explode, slicing through the Web of Magic and into Bal-Kriav. Before he was about to go down, he contacted his "too smart" disembodied thinker Ingu'lumin and ordered him to give aid to another that would soon be coming through a rift. The death of the Nine-Tongued Worm created the Primordial Storm. For a time in the Demon Spawn War, this perpetual storm of entropy had a rift in it that linked the Abyss with the world Bal-Kriav; so in a way the Nine-Tongued Worm continued a fight with the gods and angels, begun in the Creation War, and continued with Yeenoghu's demons fighting the same foes in the Demon Spawn War.