RankPrimordial Lord
Died19 Bliss 8205 DE

Beldileck was a primordial aberration that fought in the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE). His body was a contorted mass atop crab-like legs, the body dotted with huge and small eyes and mouths. All of his attacks and defenses were powered by the arcane, drawing power from the Web of Magic. Beldileck's great intellect, greater than even Arcana's, was put to use building bridges between Chaos and the worlds forged by Creationists. Beldileck created the Anaz Rift and many others as invasion routes against the Nawirrûs Covenant.

Beldileck also built the Helas Vessels. The construction of these marvels required that he sacrifice part of himself to serve as a living engine. Beldileck spawned four minor sentient versions of himself, giving up 20% his mass in the process. Kythac Helas is the engine for the Spire of Rioch Tetrax, Girothe Helas for the Spire of Neld-Rac, Shiphis Helas for the Spire of Molakh-Búle, and Svoghast Helas for the Spire of Krak-Oth.

After becoming a Primordial Lord, he was assigned control over a moon that was then simply called Orb 398. With limited Powers of Creation, he created the Beholder race as a security force that would be mobile, highly alert, and unhindered by the rugged conditions of the mini-world assigned to him. Beldileck was assigned to this moon because he had been tainted with too much negative entropy; meaning he was now of questionable loyalty to the Primordials desire to undo Creation. It is said Beldileck's taint came from an encounter with the then archangel Athena, each blow of her weapon Salvation, replacing his entropic energy with its negative entropy opposite.

In 8200 DE, many of the beholder factions of Orb 398 rebelled against their creator. Five years of fighting between those loyal to Beldileck and the rebels ended on 19 Bliss 8205 DE, Beldileck's great mass magically petrified by scores of beholders working in unison.

In the Second Epoch, Abhômaipeth military scientists began un-petrifying parts of Beldileck. They dried parts became the hull plates for their largest class of voidships, the Abhômaipeth Mothership.