Tarâk, after exposure to the Decomposition String
CategoryHigher Powers
WorldPluton (Gray Waste)
RaceLith-Crillion (Abomination)
Alignmentneutral evil
DomainCraft, Cavern, Dream, Earth, Hatred
EnemiesAvandra, Blibdoolpoolp, Geb, Orcus
Born9 Brightstar 2614 DE
Godhood19 Temporal 9401 GE

In the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE), Tarâk was a radical Covenant colonel who sought wild and brutal ways to bring about the destruction of the Primordials. He was a gifted engineer, with bad streaks that were becoming more common as the war progressed. His measures became so extreme, that the Covenant's supreme leader Bal-Kriav decided that in the interests of morality, he be reassigned. He was sent far away, to the moon Dûlan-Nûl. There he would be the first line of defense against a primordial invasion of Ilabizdum and her three moons.

On the moon Dûlan-Nûl, Tarâk worked on a massive device to destroy enemy fortifications and ultimately their worlds. The latter was the exact type of thinking that the Covenant were against. The Creation War was about preserving the Works of Creation not destroying it in the process of defeating your enemies. Tarâk called the first prototype, a devastating device, the World Splitter. This enormous drill was powered by warp matter taken from the Decomposition String. Procuring this warp matter came at great cost to Tarâk and his personal guard, the Slaad Hexos. In 7792 DE, exposure to the Decomposition String resulted in them all being chaos infused. Tarâk's lithe, near-perfect Lith-Crillion body, was warped, becoming part stone, part flesh, with sharp features like that of an earth archon. Infected by Chaos, he was for a long time shunned by the Covenant's Negative Entropy Idealists. For centuries he worked to rid his essence of entropic influences. He eventually balance his energy composition with near equal parts negative entropy and its opposite. He bitterly blamed Bal-Kriav and the Covenant for all of this, and as a result, when he Ascended, the Divine Domain that attached to him like a moth to a light was Hatred. When he became a demigod, his desire for building, engineering result in him picking up Craft.

In 8426 DE, Tarâk used the Decomposition String to create the Grimlock race. Placed on the world Bal-Kriav, they became the core of his growing followers. They were sent forth to colonize the dark reaches of Bal-Kriav and other worlds of the Quara'tun System. When the Covenant learned of how he created the Grimlocks, they banned him from areas under Covenant control. For the rest of the Creation War, Tarâk worked on protecting and multiplying his people, helping the war effort for either side when it was to his benefit.

In the God Era, Tarâk followed the same modus-operandi, helping in the Demon Spawn War when it suited his goals. He battled the Quara'tun Covenant if they got in his way. With a desire to seize everything in the subterranean realm, Tarâk battled the Abyssal Hegemony much more frequently.

Today, Tarâk is mainly at odds with Geb and Blibdoolpoolp over who's minions get to have the subterranean realm. Blibdoolpoolp is perhaps his greatest enemy. This enmity goes back to the God Era when she captured his grimlocks, turning them into Kuo-toans. Tarâk has a widespread following. Most are concentrated underground with the Grimlock and the Mîmêk being the most populous races. His influence spread to Bal-Kriav's surface with the religious conversion of Rethmorg. In 1164, Rethmorg's people were forsaken by Naraz-Nâru. Across the kingdom, churches to Naraz-Nâru were torn down, replaced by those dedicated to Tarâk.

Sources of Divine Power
Core WorshipProselytizers
AebilchunusCrimson Nails
AkalgasRat Swarm
Lahvirn Piiv
Orchish Empire
Known Powers
Divine Toughness+8,000 hit points as Greater Power
Earthen Defense all attacks against him have a 30% chance to instead be adsorbed by a wall of earth or stone appendage that rises from a nearby source taking the full force of the blow
Modulating Energy+25 modulating energy damage for all attacks