CategoryHigher Powers
RaceEarth Titan (Primordial)
Born31 Witchrite 11 DE
Godhood29 Witchrite 544 HE

In the God Era, Chronos was a stubborn and independent planetar that sought to carve out a domain on Bal-Kriav. When the Demon Spawn War (8972 GE - 9493 GE) started, he decided against joining the alliance of gods and allies that became known as the Quara'tun Covenant. As a result of this decision, he had to face the forces of Graz'zt alone. The goal of this demon lord was to claim all of Karterus, and once that was secured move to the next landmass. Chronos was positioned in the south of Karterus, laying claim to a land that would one day be called Hive.

Hard pressed defending Yandôr from what seemed like endless numbers of demons, Chronos used his powers of time and space to turn the enemy in other directions or age them so much they turned to frail beasts which were easy pickings to those around them or creatures of the wild. In his last battle with Graz'zt, Chronos fought by his army against the onrushing demon horde. Entrenched, they fought in keeps shaped like wagon wheels. They were designed in such a way that if one spoke fell, the others could fight on independently. The interiors were made to funnel attackers into kill zones and to restrict movement. These keeps kept the demons at bay for five years, but after six of them fell, they came upon the Wheel of Time. In what would be Chronos's final battle of the Demon Spawn War. The Wheel of Time wreck havoc among the demons, leaving many ripped to pieces as parts of them were sent forward in time and others back.

Invisible tendrils of distortion whipped about the area like a great octopus. The cream of the assault brigades, the Arhi'lith, were totally annihilated when the Wheel of Time started up. Rutterkin were shredded into pieces, and the nabassu overwatch were withered so much that they no longer had the strength to fly - all crashing into the wavering and rippling landscape.

- Pazuzu, general under Graz'zt - "Disaster at Enmort"

With the powers of the Wheel of Time, Chronos destroyed the army under general Pazuzu, but in the process overloaded it. This caused the device to rupture time and space causing its effects to become permanent in the area of Enmort. It also cast himself Chronos adrift in time. It took him the rest of the God Era to find his way back to the time stream he was cast out of. During the period he was lost in space and time, he learned a great deal of time, space, and fate. Upon his return, he had complete mastery of the Time Domain.

Image if you will, all of Brucrumus surrounded by a wall and within it armored cities and the skies above clouded with voidships. The capital of all of this is Gháshulg, and all cities and places of old are under the watchful eyes of the Orchish Empire.

- Chronos, written while in the slip stream after seeing the future - "80th Epoch"

Chronos is worshiped by those seeking a long and healthy life. His domain of time and those seeking to pray to him for guidance in manipulating it are widely considered to be dabblers in forbidden arts. The Balance keeps a close watch of powerful priests and followers of Chronos. They have on several occasions used mortals to eliminate or imprison those that seek to alter time. Some of these that are imprisoned for these practices are locked away in the Pillar of Chronos.

Sources of Divine Power
Core WorshipProselytizers
Known Powers
Replaythree times per day Chronos can replay the last round of events as if they never happened
Divine Toughness+1,000 hit points as Demi Power
Modulating Energy+10 modulating energy damage for all attacks