Vaults of Ayaraigas

Vault of Ayaraiga
RegionCinazan, Ice Cap
Built1481 DE - 1482 DE

The Vaults of Ayaraigas were created by the god Benevolence. He made them to safeguard one of his mortal creations, made in his likeness - the Nithians. The making of these vaults was brought on by the growing primordial threat, one that four years after Nithian creation would become the Creation War.

Benevolence stashed the Vaults of Ayaraigas in secret locations across Steirgar. Each vault held forty Nithians, and each was under a very powerful temporal stasis spell. The Nithians remained under this spell for 10,558 years, far longer than what Benevolence intended on account of his premature death. The Nithians came out of this spell in 2510 LE, moving into the Borngring lowlands.

The Vaults of Ayaraigas are made of blutium, a metal specifically created by Benevolence to protect his creations. Inside this 5' thick outer wall was a 2' thick inner wall composed of saranite. When the Nithians started leaving them, they left in spider-like automations. In a few cases, when they left the Vault they entered a creature's lair and in one case from the heart of a Svirfneblin city that venerated the Vault like a monument.

It is not known how many Vaults are out there or if any were broken into before the Nithians came out of temporal stasis. Many of those that have been found since the Nithians left have been stripped of anything useful, sometimes leaving only a crumbling wall of saranite, while others have become the lairs of monsters. The Nithians made treks back to them and brought back technology that led to the invention of Clone Tanks.

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