Typecolossal centipede aberration
Alignmentchaotic neutral
Died14 Kindle 8542 DE

Onaidred was a serpent-like monstrosity with numerous quills and bony ridges along its entire length. Its was feared for its ability to freeze the area around it. This effect was so cold that it weakened even magical stone and metal. It could bore holds through the ground, first by freezing the area around it then rolling its body like a drill shattering stone, then grinding it down to granules.

Under Covenant orders, Set and his team were tasked with putting an end to Onaidred's destruction of the land. East of Ragil, Set and a group of angels caught up with him. For the loss of seventeen angels, they defeated the beast.

When Onaidred died, his flesh and organs rotted away, leaving a superstructure of bone white ice that is as hard as adamantine and still very cold to the touch. Onaidreds Quill, an artifact created hundreds of years later and responsible for creating Nym-Zoedine, was made from the one of Onaidred's quills.

In the Horgon Era, the frost giant bastion Tholamid was built in and around Onaidred's remains. Since that time Onaidreds Remains has been used to forge ice and frost magic items.

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