Roots of Núlananya

LocationQuara'tun System, other mortal systems
Established3 Temporal 3345 DE

The Roots of Núlananya was an intelligence network built in the Dawn Era by a Covenant colonel named Silvanus. It comprised treants spread across dozens of worlds in the Mortal Systems. Most were concentrated in the Quara'tun System. In this binary star system they served under the Nawirrûs Covenant. In the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE), they gathered intel on the primordials and by Silvanus's secret orders, collected information on the Covenant's leaders.

Sivanus's making of the Treant race was done with tiny motes of life energy called Sparks of Creation. To accelerate the process, and give them special powers, he also dosed them with warp matter. The coveted special power of those treants that joined the Roots of Núlananya, was a spell equal to Teleport Other. It was a power that became available to one when got near one of these so-called "spy-treants". To activate the spy-treant's spell, one had to either know the spell or have the innate ability to Transport Via Plants. Having that, it allowed one to rift-hop others to another world. For the Covenant, it allowed them to spread spy-treants across the worlds of entire systems.

When he gave them a spark of life, he created a link between him and each of the treants. By way of these, he could use clairsentient powers through them, teleport to any one of them across the multi-verse. They gave him intelligence on the machinations of the primordials in the Creation War and the demons lords of the next war.

- Aredhel, from her book - "Father Nature"

After the Demon Spawn War (8972 GE - 9493 GE), the treants of this spy network were left with their spells intact. Those that are still around are very old creatures and not likely to allow anyone to use their magical powers to hop to other treants of the network without very good reason.

Notable Spy-Treants
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