Roots of Núlananya

Locationmany mortal worlds
Built19 Witchrite 3288 DE - ??

The Roots of Núlananya was an intelligence network built in the Dawn Era by the then archangel Silvanus. It comprised many treants spread across many worlds of the Mortal Systems. Most were concentrated in the Quara'tun system. It became concentrated in this area during the Creation War when the primordials turned the world Bal-Kriav into a front-line between their forces and those of the Nawirrûs Covenant.

The treants created by Silvanus were made using tiny motes of life energy called Sparks of Creation. Out of necessity, he then planted warp matter (obtained from Tarâk), inside each of the treants. This made it so that when Silvanus or any other druid used a spell like transport via plants he could shift to any other known treant that was part of the Roots of Núlananya.

When he gave them a spark of life, he created a link between him and each of the treants. By way of these links he could use clarsentient powers through them and teleport to any one of them. These treants gave him intelligence on the machinations of the primordials in the Creation War and later the demons in the Demon Spawn War. As a result of these treant spy-links and other fey involved in clandestine activities, his intelligence apparatus was only exceeded by that of Lukoon.

- Aredhel, from her book - "Father Nature"

The Roots of Núlananya got the name Núlananya for the first treant spy of an untold number in a series, a web of treants spread across regions, continents and worlds. The Núlananya treant of Logor became corrupted in the Demon Spawn War, with its warp matter collapsing and then forming the Núlananya Rift. This rip in the fabric of the Web, became the invasion egress point for the demon lord Jurusalax and his armies.

After the Demon Spawn War, the treants of this spy network were left with their spells intact. Those that are still around are very old creatures and not likely to allow anyone to use their magical powers to hop to other treants of the network without very good reason.