Decomposition String

Locationall worlds
BuiltDawn Era

The Decomposition String is a band of entropic energy at the heart of most worlds. It was the source of the warp matter used in creating the world around it. Still linked to Chaos, some say these worlds are just islands of stability, temporary constructs to time.

Gibberdand, studying
the Decomposition String

Sphere Creationists on both sides, Covenant and Primordial, used these tendrils of energy to create worlds across the multi-verse. The world was built around them and if one were to somehow find the beginning of the string, then they would find themselves in a Sea of Entropy.

- Gibberdand, grell instructor of the School of Entropy - "Chaos Theory of the Spheres"

In the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE), in one of many side deals, Silvanus sought out Tarâk. He needed a cheap and strong source of power. Tarâk offered him Warp Matter, as much as he wanted, warning:

It is cheap and powerful, but a product of entropy. It may help you out in the short term, but remember tree-man that this is raw chaos and not energy that has been turned into something higher and more stable like those motes of life energy powering your staff.

- Tarâk, to Silvanus - "Warp Matter Requisition"

Silvanus went on to use this warp in the creation of Treant race.

The Decomposition String is so deep in the core of worlds that it is out of reach to most. While the Creation War raged on, Tarâk diverted Covenant resources into finding a way down to Bal-Kriav's tendril to Chaos. It too proved to be hardened like all the others, containing seemingly unlimited energy, yet exceedingly dangerous to approach.

Tarâk's desire to power-up his great war machine, exceeded his caution. In 7500 DE, an army of elemental slaves began boring down to Ilabizdum's Decomposition String. Three centuries later, Tarâk found what he was looking for. Nearing the Decomposition String, he and his guards were overwhelmed by entropic energy. His earth elemental miners were transformed into a type of chaos archon, becoming Blutoids. It transformed his elite guards, the Slaad Hexos, into mockeries of their original forms. Tarâk also suffered, mutating into something lithe like a Lith-Crillion, but also having parts like that of an earth elemental.

Tarâk's work did not end after all this. After years of experimentation, and the loss of thousands, Tarâk learned to use the Decomposition String for other purposes. On 8426 DE, at safer distances, and over months of exposure, he turned hundreds of his mortal minions into a new race called the Grimlock.

The Decomposition String holds particles of concentrated elemental energy called warp matter. The World Splitter was powered by this stuff, five Warp Matter Cores. When the World Splitter crashed into Bal-Kriav, its warp matter engine sunk downward, boring towards the Decomposition String where it was absorbed.

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