Creation19 Lunar 2611 DE
NativeMortal Systems

The Gorantin are monkey-like humanoids found in jungles across Bal-Kriav and others worlds of the Mortal Systems. They were created in the Creation War by Balthioul. There bodily design was made for jungle environments, as something to patrol the great jungles of planets under Covenant guardianship. They are an adaption of primitive apes, advanced upon to give them a thinking capacity a little shy of the average Tragaran.

In the westernmost lands of MidrĂȘth, they can be found in the jungles of Sirketh and as far east as Ma'Ohari. They are a nomadic people with a high regard of nature, so they never stay in an area too long as to exhaust game and resources.

In the God Era, the gorantin served as soldiers for Talisid and the Five Companions. After a time, they assigned gorantin armies out to the other angel generals of the Demon Spawn War. The angel general Silvanus had one under his command in Ma'Ohari. The descendants of this army are still in Ma'Ohari, calling themselves the Elinwur.

When Asmodeus and his closest allies were cast out by the gods, thus becoming Fallen Angels, a gorantin army under Geryon was abandoned on the plains of Tadab-Hal. This now leaderless army was defeated and captured by a demon horde much larger than themselves. The broken gorantin army was thrown in shackles and taken back to the Abyss. The nature and fabric of the Abyss was such that these gorantin were corrupted and changed, becoming the first bar-lgura.

Gorantin are more like Tragarans and dwarves in their alignments, tending towards law, good and neutral.

Because they have a gorilla stature, Gorantin move faster on all fours with bursts of speed that are often unexpected by their foes. This is most useful for pummeling attacks since a weapon does not have to be drawn upon reaching the opponent. Gorantin can aptly move by brachiation, though this swinging from tree limbs is suited for jungle or dense tree growth.

Gorantin are extremely rare, with most people never having encountered them or heard of their existence. A gorantin roaming about in some city could lead to the guards called out for an "escaped zoo animal" or some believing the circus is in town. Gorantin population are concentrated in two regions, Ma'Ohari and Sirketh. In all, there may be 50,000 of them across MidrĂȘth.

Racial Traits
Gorilla Power+8 strength, +6 constitution
Great Fortitudeas the feat (+2 on Fortitude saving throws)
Battle Sprintonce per hour a Gorantin can increase movement speed by 25% for two rounds, -2 on initiative on the first round
Wild Nature-2 Intellgience, -2 Dexterity, -2 Charisma
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