Pillar of Chronos

Pillar of Chronos - Taurelin
CategoryMarvels, Prisons
RegionHigh Wood Country
Built20 Hollow 3486 DE

The Pillar of Chronos is a 3000' tall edifice shaped like a spring with sand falling down through the inside. At the top of the Pillar, the sand appears through a rift, leaving through another rift at the very bottom.

Built by Chronos and Time's Stolen Legions, this place was designed to hold powerful, and potentially useful, foes of the Covenants of both the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE) and later the Demon Spawn War (8972 GE - 9493 GE). It was a service for a fee, with Chronos a reluctant ally of the primordials in the first war, and an independent force of the Demon Spawn War.

After the Demon Spawn War, the Pillar of Chronos was abandoned. The prisoners of those times are still locked away. As far as anyone knows, those imprisoned from the Dawn Era and the God Era have never been released or escaped. They are also hidden away in the Pillar where they cannot be seen or approached by mortals. Supernal runes in the place state openly that tampering with those imprisoned in these super secure areas will invoke the wrath of whatever powers hold sway over the realm.

A small section of the Pillar of Chronos serves as the headquarters for the Aerdhaith. This group do not act as guardians of the place or seek to free anything but they do view the Pillar as sacred to their god. This means they allow visitors in but not looters or those with malign intent.

The Pillar has thousands of chambers and cells. The place is impervious to anything that nullifies magic or dampens it. It is said that this power comes from the Pillar's ability to warp time around it. Inside the Pillar of Chronos, time is at a standstill as far as aging. The place also holds the scroll which contains the first writing of the spell Time Stop. The main purpose of the Pillar of Chronos is to serve as a prison for very dangerous creatures. For a fee, Aerdhaith will put the offender in temporal stasis, where they will carry out their sentences in suspended animation. As a result of its "divine protection", the Pillar of Chronos is considered the most secure prison of the realm.

Notable Areas