Endless Wall

FocusNegative Entropy
Built19 Lunar 578 DE

On 19 Lunar 578 DE, two creationists, 3-I and Bruh Kreniik created a permanent rift on the world Gears Infinite. This rift was designed to shunt excess mass from this world into the Sea of Entropy. Without this, Gears Infinite, always expanding, would destabilize all the worlds of the Mechanus System.

Once through the rift, fortified with negative entropy, the excess of an ever-expanding world joins together as the Endless Wall. It floats along the Sea of Entropy, thousands of feet high and immeasurably long. Some believe it to be a seed created by the lords of negative entropy, bringing order to the doorsteps of Chaos.

The Endless Wall is not random or chaotic, it is uniform in height and thickness. This supports the belief that it is not part of Chaos, but a Seed of Stability, bringing order to chaos.

- unknown, excerpt from the tome "Mysteries of the Endless Wall"

Over time, perhaps hundred of years, this composition of this wall changes, becoming a tawny stone that is super hard and impervious to sound and corrosion. Both the wall and the stone taken from it have a low chance of reflecting magic and psionics back on the source.

Garaldrarg, an ancient bastion at the heart of Sapthiladân, was crafted entirely with blocks from the Endless Wall. It has yet been learned how the stone titans were able to gather such large quantities of material from the Endless Wall.

The Endless Wall is a Focus for Negative Entropy. The means that any lawful aligned creature that battles chaos within a mile of it, gains the ability to Smite Chaos on every hit.

An aberration, a minion of Chaos, stands next to Neeth-Theen's new Chaos warlord. Alien to this world, it focuses a cyclopean eye to the distant walls. The view narrows, becoming binocular. The aberration scans the block pattern, noting that one block in every five is frighteningly familiar. Disturbed by the sight of the enemy citadel, he says to the general, "It is built with blocks of the Endless Wall!" Looking a little paler, he goes on, "You don't feel it, but we of Chaos do. We stand a mile from the walls, yet I can feel the place's negative entropy." His eye quivers and rolls up into his head, trying to shield itself from invisible energies radiating outward from Sapthiladân's imposing walls, which many claim are impregnable to anything but the heel of Atlas.

- from the Godspawn Saga