Storm Giant

Storm Giant
Creation11 Dreamer 385 DE

Piranoth created the storm giants to serve as administrators for his worlds. The giant races that he created later, are less intelligent than storm giants. It is said he did because the storm giants proved to smart to remain as mere minions. Some would break off and do their own thing, even trying their hand at civilization building. Piranoth created the fire giants to police them; as well other intelligent species he created across Piranoths Steps.

The storm giants didn't become a real force, a civilization until the Creation War. By war's start, there were perhaps 10,000 of them across the universe. A number that would increase tenfold by war's end.

In 8602 DE, a landmass of unthinkable size came to rest in the waters of Morwuld Briin. This landmass is elemental matter pulled from Chaos. During the Creation War, it was pulled into this world by Geb, Talos, Surtur and a few other primordials. The young primordial Talos worked with Geb to shear off a portion of this new island and then raise it into the sky. Since it was matter from Chaos, the task was much easier than doing it to the native landscape. The goal of Talos was to create a floating military base for his storm giants. From it, they planned to assault the angelic bastions of Aphalur, Nazel and other holds across Ušuškad but by the time their work was finished, the primordials had lost the war. Talos was captured by angelic forces and banished from the realm, while Geb went into hiding. The sheared off landmass became known as Krarkauk. It was named by Talos for his great axe which was destroyed while working on separating the land from its base. Before Talos was captured, Krarkauk was set adrift in the clouds with an army of storm and cloud giants.

- Biraz-Felab, from a Scroll of Dawn - "Making Krarkauk"

Racial Traits
Racial as storm giant
Lifespan 500 years
Height 19' to 21'