Svaer Hodgrolf

Inferno Crusader of Svaer Hodgrolf
LocationGreat Vein of Surtur
Built28 Hollow 8627 DE

Svaer Hodgrolf is an ancient bastion of Surtur. Sited far underground, it floats along the rivers of lava in the bowels of Bal-Kriav.

The main gates of this enormous fortress are the Brintaur Gates. They are forged of the flaming tusks torn from a primordial monstrosity that Surtur defeated in the Creation War. In the God Era, Danzar-Khâl and Surtur signed the Felakgathar Contract at a great mithril anvil placed in front of these gates.

One legend of Svaer Hodgrolf is that from this place Surtur controls the flow of the Great Vein of Surtur.

At the heart of this subterranean fortress is an ancient phaethon. A progeny of Surtur, it is tasked with keeping the feeder canals open. These canals are great bore holes descending into Bal-Kriav's molten core, feeding lava into the Great Vein of Surtur.

Notable Areas