Storm Archons
TypeChaos Archon (Storm)
Creation3 Temporal 560 DE

The Laupha, advancements upon the air elemental template, were created by the Prime Architect.

In the Horgon Era, storm archons were brought to Bal-Kriav by the Durkoth. They came to this world aboard the Spire of Rioch Tetrax. These storm archons are the Laupha.

Like on Osâchar, the archons accompanying the Durkoth served as an elite army. They also had the roles of policing and acting as slave masters for a subjugated race of humanoids called the Dromites. When the Durkoth abandoned the surface for the seas, the Laupha were quick to give up their ignoble slaving ways, living in the dreary Underdark reaches of Tunin-Gil, and leave for the skies. They abandoned their charges, flying south like a moth to a flame, settling in the Clouds of the Broken Continent. In this area they are believed to number in the tens of thousands and split among warring factions and empires of that continent's regions.

Racial Traits
Racial as storm archon
Common Homelands