Morte'lumin War

Period6115 DE - 8066 DE
WorldsStep of Foundation, Bal-Kriav
TheatersMorte'lumin, Sands of Hell
Hon'palos VS Storralk

The Morte'lumin War was a conflict between Hon'palos and his former boss Storralk. It came about from Hon'palos seeking revenge against his former commander. At the time, the Creation War was raging across the Mortal Systems. These two primordials were supposed to be using their resources against their main enemies - the gods and angels of the Nawirrûs Covenant. Storralk grew jealous of Hon'palos's battle field victories, so he used his powers of creation to promote him to a stronger and what he said more capable form for the battles to come. This transformation changed Hon'palos from being a chichimec into a monstrous worm.

This conflict eventually spilled over from the Step of Foudation to the mortal world Bal-Kriav. This came in the form of primordial sand worms delivered to Bal-Kriav's desert Sands of Hell. These creatures were so disruptive that they separated a large force of workers from Storralk. These workers were the Dezellâm and now that they were free of the whip and their overseers, went into hiding for the rest of the Creation War and actually did everything they could to stay out of sight of both primordials and their angelic adversaries.

Krephus, a truly massive primordial purple worm, was another creature of this conflict. Her progeny were being used by Hon'palos as living war machines, so she found a way to escape. She also ended up on the world Bal-Kriav, but on a continent faraway from the belligerents.