RaceEarth Archon
Alignmentchaotic neutral

Known as Colonel Zabire in the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE), he served the primordials in their work of undoing Creation.

After stealing from Storralk, taking his knowledge of advancing elementals to the next state, Zabire became a renegade. Zabire had turned to the side of Creation. He wanted permanence to the things he made, wanted to advance the elementals beyond just be tools of the Primordial Lords.

On 1 Brightstar 1648 DE, Zabire used the stolen knowledge. Improving upon fire elementals, he created the Fire Archon race.

On 22 Brightstar 1812 DE, having improved upon Storralk's methods, Zabire advanced upon a group of fire archons, creating the Gol'hakh race.

Zabire is credited with bringing Geb over to the side of Creation, that of keeping things instead of unmaking them. He was instrumental in bringing him to the negotiation table, forging the Nautrek Deal and with the joining of the Covenant in their fight against the Abyssal Hegemony.

Zabire is Geb's oldest and longest serving Stone Marshal.