TypeEarth Titan
AlignmentChaotic Neutral
BirthplaceSea of Chaos

Storralk, an Earth Titan from the Sea of Chaos, is an Arch-Creationist. In the Dawn Era, he created worlds and new races. On 9 Witchrite 515 DE, he created the world Muspelheim.

On 5 Lunar 1486 DE he finished work on a world called Granitoid. Two years later, on 21 Lunar 1488 DE, he began populating it with his first Earthen creations, the Earth Elemental.

Storralk advanced on the earth elemental, a base template, creating the Dao in 1599 DE, and the Earth Archon in 1621 DE.

These acts of Creation did not go unnoticed. Even though they were for the war effort, some very powerful primordial lords viewed them to be too much like what they were fighting for in the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE). Storralk was warned that he should stop his world-building and proliferation of new species. To proof that he fully supported their cause, he took a more active role in the war becoming one of the primordial's top generals. This caused a bit of jealousy, forcing him into retirement and reactivation dozens of times. During his periods of retirement, he returned to doing the work of Creation.

Storralk was vindictive even to his most loyal minions. He often took council as threats to his leadership and found ways to knock the transgressor down a notch. Hon'palos, a loyal subject of almost two millennia, suffered the ignominy of being grounded after Storralk "promoted" him.

In the Abyssal Release (7777 DE - 8777 DE), Storralk and his armies battled the demons. While fighting across the worlds of Piranoths Steps, he coordinated his maneuvers with those of Piranoth.

In 8066 DE, Demogorgon and Hon'palos captured Storralk. The captured foe was taken back to Abyssm and sunken into Demogorgon's Bleeding Throne.