Fire Archon

Fire Archon
Typeelemental sub-race
Creation1 Brightstar 1648 DE
LanguagePrimordial, Ignan
NativeBal-Kriav, Dol Vahdin, Muspelheim, others

A product of a renegade named Colonel Zabire, fire archons are advancements upon the fire elemental template. Zabire acquired the know-how of making them while in service to Storralk. It was the same process that was used in the advancement of the earth elementals, making the earth archons. Colonel Zabire's experiments were done near the Cleansing Battallions on Dol Vahdin. These battalions were fire elementals tasked with laying waste to the land. After collecting some subjects, Zabire went to work advancing these fire elementals to the next stage. It took hundreds of subjects, but success came. After creating the first fire archon, Zabire made hundreds more. They were loaned out to the primordials as mercenaries, funding Colonel Zabire's experiments for the advancement of his kind. Perhaps his most crowning achievement are the Gol'hakh, a version of fire archons with shapes as refined as the Kriavfahliil, and able to suppress their destructive nature.

Compared to fire elementals, fire archons are more refined, intelligent, and have more humanoid-like appearances.

Most fire archons are neutrally aligned.

Racial Traits
Racial as Fire Archon
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