CategoryHigher Powers
RaceFire Titan (Primordial)

Kossuth is a primordial with an unmatched understanding of fire and control over it. He is the father of Surtur and Baltalas. In the Creation War, the trio battled the Nawirrûs Covenant, with one side seeking to spread Law across Nawirrûs and the other seeking to return everything back to Chaos.

Kossuth is neutrally aligned, opposing those who use fire for destruction, like Surtur, and even purification by holy fire like that done by some of Phalgas's priests. The root of Kossuth's hatred for his son Surtur stems from the God Era when Surtur and Ares killed his son Baltalas in the war to take Muspelheim. In time, Ares was forgiven because he acted out of his very nature, to wage war, while Surtur was not for he acted out of greed, yearning for greater power, and would be upsetting the balance with his intent to wipe chaos from Muspelheim.

In 1640 DE, Kossuth created the efreet. This was done using fiery energies from Chaos and life energy trapped in the Life Fan. He did something similar in 1841 DE when he successfully created a new race from captured lizardfolk. These captives, unable to bear the world's heat and dryness, were experimented on with the hopes of finding a way to prolong their miserable lives. He infused subjects with liquid primordial fire, or the energy of fire, creating the first of the firenewts. When it was learned how easily he had done this (not for once considering that only he could do it with a knowledge of fire greater than any in the multiverse), Kossuth was ordered by Surtur to make more of them. Kossuth was not a primordial lord like Surtur, so he could not refuse without suffering an agonizing death. Kossuth's proselytizers say that it was their lord's intention only to save the lives of the lizardfolk sent to him as slave workers, not to turn it it into a program. It did turn into a program with Surtur hoping to send tens of thousands of them as a Creation War vanguard, soaking up magic and missile-fire before the arrival of his fire giants.

In the Creation War, Kossuth was coerced into helping the primordials take back the powers of creation and undo the order being created. After the war, Kossuth went into hiding until it was found out that he was not on the list of those that needed to be indoctrinated, imprisoned or punished.

In the Demon Spawn War, he was allied with the angels and gods of the Quara'tun Covenant. At Kossuth Bellows, he and hundreds of smiths forged arms and other implements for the war effort.

Sources of Divine Power
Core WorshipProselytizers
Known Powers
Divine Toughness+500 hit points as Cult Power
Modulating Energy+5 modulating energy damage for all attacks
Follower Boons
Penetrating Flamesadd +1 DC to fire attacksnone
Fire ResistanceFire Resistance 5, because it is a divine blessing, this stacks with other fire resistancepriests