Aša Abrai

RegionTroll Bogs
Built22 Temporal 1694 DE

Built in the Dawn Era, Aša Abrai was a coastal fortress of the Nawirrûs Covenant. They built this port citadel on the southern coast of what was then called the Nôchulûn bay. Like the other Covenant strongholds of the region, Aša Abrai served as a bulwark against primordial forces coming out of the Radullu Rift.

Following on the heels of the Creation War, came the Demon Spawn War. The Covenant war planners of this conflict deemed sector Chen'gom unworthy of defending. This decision came from the terrain problems caused by the Radullu Creep. Covenant forces concentrated their efforts in other regions, leaving military sector Chen'gom and Aša Abrai to be squabbled over by jealous demon factions. Mordegrine, a half-troll demon general, was the victor of this in-fighting. If the stories are true, it was a conflict rumored to have started on who would enjoy Aša Abrai's great sea wall, and what was then a stunning view of the sea and the great highlands to northeast.

The demons that took Aša Abrai were serving under the demon lord Sess'innek. Mordegrine, general by title only, a brilliant biologist, went to work improving the trolls under her command. She created a new troll sub-race, the Scrag; a troll variant engineered to spend more time underwater, peaking with those that could breath in both sea and fresh water.

Long after the demons were defeated and driven out of Bal-Kriav, scrag numbers had grown in great numbers, spreading outward along the coasts of Brucrumus and into the deeps of the oceans and far away continents. Several hundred remained in Aša Abrai, a place now surrounded in wetlands, with streets buried in mud, and large parts of it underwater.

In the Horgon Era, Aša Abrai was home to Graagvrii, trolls, and scrags. They resisted the forceful overtures of Rioch Tetrax. This empire builder of alien origin, was then still a Saint of Maen. He believed because of superior design, his people the Durkoth, were the rightful leaders, and that something as base as mud swimmers were only meant to serve. Fortunately for those at Aša Abrai, the Durkoth Descent (995 HE - 1355 HE) ended this problem.

In recent times, Aša Abrai has ignored the advances of Ningizzida, and its desire to bring all of the Troll Bogs under their dominion, and have turned away emissaries from the Divine Empire. It is only the water-loving people of Nordern they find some kinship with, trading with them on certain dates of the year and easing their attacks on their commerce.

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