Typefire archon - chaos archon sub-race
LanguageAbyssal, Ignan

In one of the great battles of the Creation War, an angelic army assailed the primordial bastion Saelmgar. In the fighting to take this keep, the archangel Takarrûs (c.f. Shards of Takarrûs) was killed. When this happened, a great wave of holy energy ripped through the primordial bastion and tore a section of wall from the place. The wall Mughakh-Gol, was drawn through a rift, ending up on the world Bal-Kriav.

Mughakh-Gol landed fairly intact in the deep jungles of Ma'Ohari. This wall still held those manning it from the siege of Saelmgar. One of the groups of soldiers on and in this wall were fire archons. After a couple generations, these fire archons came to be known as the Gol'hakh. An era later, in the God Era, the Gol'hakh sided with the demons and battled the angels and gods in the Demon Spawn War.

In the Lith-Crillion Era, the Gol'hakh served the demons of Varelay. When this empire fell, many of the fire archons went back to Mughakh-Gol. In 1465, when the Asvard Fjoll captured Goth-Dyvermoir, the Gol'hakh became part of the empire's population. In this empire, they continue to do what they have done since their creation, prepare and train for war.

Racial Traits
Racial as fire archon
Energy Composition
Fire Energy62%
Entropic Energy17%
Arcane Energy14%
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