Machâr's tar Pass
Built27 Witchrite 1844 DE

Machâr is an ancient citadel left over from the Creation War. It was built in the Dawn Era by gods, angels, and mortal allies to contain a primordial invasion of Bal-Kriav. Machâr is sited on a plateau at the joining of five canyon passes. These passes hold ancient fortifications that are largely ruins now and home to all manner of beasts and monsters These bastions are smaller than Machâr with them once serving as a deep outer ring of defenses. Most are built in the canyon walls and a few still have active defenses. Those who guard them now are un-aging things like constructs and magical guardians. Machâr was built by the Nawirrûs Covenant to cover an entrance into the Eyegaihur valley from Regadnîn. Two of the five passes that lead to Machâr are from the wastes of Regadnîn.

Civilization Tree
Nawirrûs Covenant