Amphitrite Fëamanirya

RegionAerie of Dragons
Ownerindependent city-state
Founded21 Temporal 4544 DE
MapHiznaar Goz

Amphitrite (old name Fëamanirya) is an undersea city at the edge of the bay Veysed Vaal. It covers a 10 mile stretch along a shelf separating the shallow waters of the bay with the deeps of the Sea of Mourning. In the Creation War, this place was called Fëamanirya. It was one of a chain of underwater triton citadels under the overall command of Sathel. Fëamanirya was one link in a chain of underwater citadels protecting the continent Brucrumus. In the war against the primordials, most of the battles waged here were against Poseidon's merfolk armies and an assortment of auxiliary sea creatures like great schools of fish, squid, sharks, giant string rays and whales.

A vast surface area above the city, from Veysed Vaal bay to the isles of Stahdim Goz are unnaturally stormy. These storms become near cyclone strength when joining with natural storms. The stormy conditions are attributed to the broken pieces of a primordial artifact secured at the heart of Amphitrite. This broken relic is the cairn scythe Buldadel. In one of the sieges of Fëamanirya, this artifact was used to slay the Covenant general Amphitrite. This primordial, unlike most others, was allied with the Nawirrûs Covenant. Upon her death, her triton soldiers petitioned the Covenant for renaming the citadel in her honor. After finding out that Amphitrite was destroyed with the relic Buldadel, thus realizing that she could not be recovered, the request for renaming was granted.

Amphitrite has had some conflicts with Oathundor. This is mainly due to the giant's overfishing, dumping of garbage from their boats and poor sewer management of their coastal dwellings. In peaceful times, Amphitrite carries on brisk trade with the landlubbers of Hiznaar Goz.